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Ice Age Village Android Hack No survey

Ice Age Village Android Hack  Unlimted Coin,Acorns,Hearts

Application Name: Ice Age Village
Current Version: N/A

888,888,888 Coins
888,888,888 Acorns
888,888,888 Hearts

Note:- First Make Backup Your Old Data If You Dont Make You Will Lost Your Old Data Hacked Save Game Start Level 6.

How To Backup:- First Open Root Explore And Go Data\data\ and inside folder u see \ just copy this folder and paste in sdcard.

Installation :-

Step.1 Download Hacked File and copy in Sdcard
Step.2 Open Root Explore And Go Sdcard
If U Have Not Root Explore Download Here(Need Root

Step.3 Open Ice Age Village Hack In Your Sdcard And Hold Press Ice Age Village Hack And choose 'Extract" It After Extract So Choose "Go to Extracted"

Step.3 After Extract Complete Go to Extracted Folder And U see Ice age Village Hack Go To In The Folder And Press Menu Button And select Multi-select And Choose select all and choose copy And Go Back First Page

Step.4 Then Go To "data\data\ And Hit Paste And Tick Do this for all Exxisting File and hit replace

Step.5 Enjoy

How To Change Language(Image Only)

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